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When you own a piece of NIAD art, you connect with the unique story of an artist with disabilities, amplify an original voice in contemporary art, and empower a non-traditional artist to earn income from their work.

NIAD online exhibition

Encore! Superstars from Win Win 12

a painting on canvas of two snowmen in a green field in front of a yellow house. the top of the image is painted blue with white flecks of snow falling.

About the Exhibition

"I do believe that our art is the most important thing." 

- Robin Rakoczy, NIAD Artist

So many stunning works were featured in the Win Win showcase, and now we're bringing a few back for an encore performance! 👏

Each piece in this capsule collection distills the celebratory energy from our annual fundraiser, the love and gratitude we have for our community, and our hopes for the future.

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